The Surge: The Good, the Bad and the Augmented Walkthrough – Part 1 – Entrance, Modifiers, Episode 1

Walkthrough of The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC!
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Welcome to my full walkthrough of The Surge and its DLC! The second paid DLC,The Good, the Bad and the Augmented, brings you to a Testing Chamber run by the demented Supervisor. Here, Warren will have to travel through 9 Episodes with a combination of insane modifiers in a Wild West setting to dismember, collect new gear, and learn a little more of this deranged test.

Giddyup pardner, let’s explore the Frontier together!

Join me as we collect all tech scrap, scavenge all of the new weapons, and remove the enemies’ own armor to use as our own.

New weapons acquired:
RIP (Rest in Pieces)
Pattern 20XX Infantry Rifle

New armor:
Spirit Animal Armor

New implants:

Totem Wolf

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